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The exchange of knowledge and ideas consolidate Foment del Treball as a reference point for Catalan businesses and businesspeople. At the same time, it enables Foment to expand its knowledge about the needs and the dinamics of the business environment in Catalonia, making it easier to draw responses and provide tools to cope with current challenges the business circles are facing.

Foment hosts cycles of thematic seminars, professional forums and conferences to promote debate and the exchange of knowledge in business circles.

julio, 2024


The Competitive Innovation Cycle of Foment del Treball offers an action calendar of activities aimed for managerial post and middle-range workers of companies, in order to provide instruments and tools for the improvement of competitiveness and adaptation to change. It also aims to increase the level of training of professionals in innovation and new technologies and promote networking between companies to create an environment of collaboration and trust.

Ultimately, Competitive Innovation aims to create a favourable environment for companies to improve their competitiveness in R&D, innovation and new technologies, using social networks.


The Energy Enterprise Forum (Foro Energia Empresa) is a meeting point of different business views linked to the energy factor. Aimed mostly at directors and professionals of energy management in the business world, Foment offers a space for the difusion and the exchange of experiences on the energy factor, as an element of effective management, economic competitivity and social progress.

Foment Entrepreneurs (Emprèn Empresa) aims to promote debate and the sharing of knowledge between entrepreneurs from our country. The Seminar Cycle related to the entrepreneur world Reinvent yourself: transform and create consolidated during 2013 with the goal of creating a space for networking and for the exchange of knowledge between businesspeople with professional career paths and new entrepreneurs from our society. All the subjects are aimed to provide practical information and to create an open debate that is enriching for the attendees.

The annual calendar of sessions helps promote the entrepreneur spirit, look after the social perception of businesses and businesspeople and limit failure, as well as to connect the experience from the businesspeople who are part of Foment and the speakers who participate in each session with the excitement of all those entrepreneurs who want to get a business project off the ground.


The conferences and debates organized by the International Department of Foment del Treball give a comprehensive, clear and practical view of important matters for businesses in internationalization processes, and also for those in need of strategies to continue growing.

The main motivation of the discussion sessions is to introduce oportunities for Catalan businesses to comercialize their products or services globally. More than 1.000 experts and businesspeople attend the sessions every year.


The Human Resources Forum (Foro Recursos Humanos) is a platform that aims to join together executives and professionals from Human Resources. Born in 2001 by a group of prestigious directors of HR, it enables the exchange of ideas and experiences around the managing of human resources in organizations and entreprises. Nowadays, it is one of the main debate platforms of the country, as well as a window for the best practices in HR management. The activities of the Forum are made possible thanks to Randstad and Cheque Gourmet, the official sponsors.


The Labour Debates Cycle is a point of reference for the exchange of information, knowledge and experience in labour relations. The format of the Cycle is of three annual debate days aimed for Individual and Collective Associates of Foment del Treball, HR Directors, Public Administration and the Academic world. The subject of each conference changes according to the present time.

Created in 2005 with the goal of becoming a space for analysis of the labour situation that affects the companies, the Labour Debates Cycle placed itself in the centre of the legal and labour debate in Catalonia, where experts in the matter, professionals, and businesses share their vision and knowledge. the Labour Debates promote analysis and debate on the labour situation that affects the companies and favours the exchange of best practices.

In the last three years, there have been significant partial changes and reforms of the legal framework for companies in environmental issues. Most of the reforms have their origin in EU directives, that even if they have not caused many conceptual changes, they have meant higher levels of requirements in aspects of direct impact for the structure of costs of industries. Even strategic elements have been affected, such as the technology used for production.

The Environmental Debate Cycle: Challenges for Industry, offered by Sustainable Business(Empresa Sostenible) of Foment, provides a space for reflection and debate on some of the specific aspects of the new legal framework that affect companies in a significant economic or legal way.