In 2007 Foment del Treball established the Medalles d’Honor (Medals of Honor) and the Carles Ferrer Salat Award, which are given to those people or businesses which have stood out in the business sector during the previous year.

The Medalles d’Honor are awarded in two categories:

Business person of the year  Business Trajectory

In parallel to the Medalles, we give The Carles Ferrer Salat Award, with which Foment del Treball recognizes the work of companies and entrepreneurs in Catalonia. These awards honour the values of businesspeople who are generous, open, and defenders of knowledge and dialogue, like Carles Ferrer Salat, former president of Foment, founding president of CEOE, and former president of the great European sponsor UNICE (now BusinessEurope).

The following categories are awarded:

Commitment to Social Responsibility Globalization  Environment  R&D

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Foment del Treball y la Asociación Contra el Cáncer firman un acuerdo de colaboración
Featured General Premsa
Nortempo se incorpora como socio de Foment del Treball
Featured General Premsa
Foment considera que las medidas aprobadas por el Consejo de Ministros son escasas para las empresas, que padecen fuertes incrementos de costes
Economy and Taxation Featured General Premsa
Foment considera que les dades corresponents a l’EPA del 1r Trimestre no són positives, però se circumscriuen a la dinàmica habitual d’un 1r Trimestre al nostre país
Featured Labour Relations Premsa
Sánchez Llibre calls for a serious and rigorous housing policy
Ametller Origen presents the Agroparc Penedès, an agri-food cluster, sustainable and circular, which will integrate agriculture, livestock and agro-industry in a single space
Foment considera los próximos meses serán relevantes para la ocupación y para la afectación de los ERTE
Featured Labour Relations
Foment del Treball entrega la medalla conmemorativa de su 250 aniversario al Xacobeo
Featured Featured General General
La caída histórica de afiliación a la Seguridad Social obliga a salvar empleos y proteger a las empresas
Coronavirus Featured Labour Relations
Foment opens up The Brexit Line for companies
Brexit Featured
Enrique Lacalle joins Foment as Counselor of Enterprise Promotion and International Fair
Featured General
Foment and Eurecat sign a collaboration agreement to promote the technological competitiveness of Catalan companies
Featured Innovation
Visit of the Finance Parliamentary Commission of Japan
Featured Foment Internacional Globalization
The president of Foment meets with the consul of Peru in Barcelona.
Featured Foment Internacional Globalization
Foment incorporates El Gremi de la Indústria i la Comunicació Gràfica de Catalunya as its member
Featured General
Presentation of the four Public Affairs advisors before the governing bodies of Foment del Treball
Featured General
Foment destaca el paper de la indústria de l’aigua per a la consecució d’un desenvolupament econòmic sostenible
Featured General
Foment Up is looking for Data & IoT Startups to connect with Gas Natural Fenosa
Entrepreneurship and Business Featured
Economy and Taxation
The negotiation of Collective Agreements gains speed during the first semester of 2015
Labour Relations