Medals of Honour from Foment del Treball and the Carles Ferrer Salat Award

In 2007 Foment del Treball established the Medalles d’Honor (Medals of Honor) and the Carles Ferrer Salat Award, which are given to those people or businesses which have stood out in the business sector during the previous year.

The Medalles d’Honor are awarded in two categories:

Business person of the year  Business Trajectory

In parallel to the Medalles, we give The Carles Ferrer Salat Award, with which Foment del Treball recognizes the work of companies and entrepreneurs in Catalonia. These awards honour the values of businesspeople who are generous, open, and defenders of knowledge and dialogue, like Carles Ferrer Salat, former president of Foment, founding president of CEOE, and former president of the great European sponsor UNICE (now BusinessEurope).

The following categories are awarded:

Commitment to Social Responsibility Globalization  Environment  R&D

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