Sustainability and Environment

Sustainability, environment, and the company: a relationship that goes beyond the strict legislative framework. It is, without a doubt, another pillar in the management of the company and an opportunity for the development of new companies that offers products and services associated with environmental challenges.

Making the defense of general principles of market freedom compatible with the environmental commitment is the backbone of Foment del Treball.

Lines of action

  • Monitoring and positioning the legislative evolution als on different competence levels on subjects such as water, climate change, waste, air quality, environmental administrative intervention, environmental responsibility, the efficient use of resources, production, and sustainable consumption.

  • In the field of management,,emphasizing the actions implemented by companies in Catalonia in the last twenty years.

  • Favoring the detection of new business opportunities.

  • Reinforcing access to information and European and State support lines, in order to favor innovation processes for obsolete industrial activities, often with environmental derivatives.

  • Reinforcing Foment as the meeting point for new, consolidated economic sectors around the axis of sustainability and making it compatible with the defense of the general principles of market freedom.

  • Providing protection to entrepreneurs oriented towards this line.

  • Integrating activity sectors initially alien to specific environmental regulations , that become strategic as a center of the problem and also as a solution. Some examples: vehicles, infrastructures, transport, and logistics services.

More issues


Analysing and tracking the evolution of the global economic context is one of the objectives of Foment del Treball


Energy sources and the debate on their future are important key points in a time of change and an adverse economic situation.

Labour Relations

From a business point of view, necessary reforms for the modernization of the labour market need to achieve quality employment.


Foment del Treball is aware of the planning tools and proposals oriented towards the industrial sector.


One of the objectives is favoring business competitiveness. And to be competitive, the investments in research, development, and innovation are indispensable.

Training and Business

Training and the link between the academic and the business worlds are essential for the productivity of the country.

Entrepreneurship and Business

The lines of action for the company and entrepreneurship are directly related to the operation of the business unit.


Economic recovery must happen in order to set priorities and assure the creation of basic infrastructures (railway, environmental, technological, energy, etc.).


Growing is looking forward. Being able to access foreign markets is an opportunity for companies with a vocation for development.