Foment del Treball y la Asociación Contra el Cáncer firman un acuerdo de colaboración Nortempo se incorpora como socio de Foment del Treball Foment considera que las medidas aprobadas por el Consejo de Ministros son escasas para las empresas, que padecen fuertes incrementos de costes Foment considera que les dades corresponents a l'EPA del 1r Trimestre no són positives, però se circumscriuen a la dinàmica habitual d'un 1r Trimestre al nostre país

Foment del Treball Nacional is the federation that has represented entrepreneurs and the powerful Catalan industry since 1771. As an independent, private, non-profit organization under the constitutional and legal right of association of employers, it is governed using democratic criteria for freely elected representatives.

To be a social leader and a reference of public opinion in favor of the progress of Catalonia as an economic motor of the southwestern region of Europe and the Mediterranean, in an environment of freedom, market economy, and welfare society.

Defend the interests of Catalan business in general—and of our associates in particular—, promoting an environment favorable for productive activity in dialogue with the public powers and representatives of civil society.

  • We believe in the private and business initiative
  • We defend the social value of employers
  • We defend dialogue and the consensus between the social agents in favor of economic and human progress
  • We promote the social responsibility of employers
  • We foster knowledge and its diffusion as a guarantee for progress
  • We are committed to the economic and human development of Catalonia, Spain, and Europe in a framework of freedom and welfare society

Foment Ecosystem

Greeting from the President

Foment del Treball Nacional has always believed in the progress of Catalonia, Spain, and Europe. We are the only institution that widely represents the interests of the industry and Catalan business to all decision and power centers. Our institution is synonymous with a pioneering, respected, and valued organization. We are one of the oldest union in Europe, originating back to 1771. We are backed by two and a half centuries of history which have made us protagonists and exceptional witnesses of great social, political, and economic changes that have strengthened the good reputation of Barcelona and Catalonia around the world.

Foment del Treball Nacional is currently a key social actor in the economic and human development of Catalonia and Mediterranean Europe. And as defenders of the Catalan business initiative, we will continue to represent for our members a reference in social dialogue and in the promotion of discussion and the diffusion of knowledge and education for our future entrepreneurs.


Josep Sánchez Llibre

Governing Bodies

Foment is a private entity, run by governing bodies which are democratically elected and renewed every four years.


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Advisory Bodies

The governing bodies of Foment del Treball count on the collaboration of the Advisory Board and the Advisory Council.


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Executive Structure

At the end of 2011, the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of Foment del Treball approved a new organizational structure.

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