octubre, 2022

20oct10:3012:00Activitat finalitzada“A USA ROADMAP – THE SECRETS FOR A SUCCESS”Virtual event 10:30 - 12:00 Webinar por ZoomACTIVITAT FINALITZADA

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(Dijous) 10:30 - 12:00


Webinar por Zoom

Webinar per Zoom


Are you considering additional growth in the US market in 2023? Join us for this webinar. Access to an array of speakers that can support Spanish businesses with US investment aspirations. We explore the comprehensive operational support needed to establish, grow and streamline your US business activity.

Join this webinar to learn more about what you need to know and plan for in your US expansion and tools you can leverage.


Session Program (*webinar en inglés)

10:30 h.  Welcome address

Representative, Foment del Treball

10:35 h. Setting the stage

Senior Office, US Commercial Office

10:46 h. US Road Map 

Principal, Blue Link Worldwide, Dr. Frank Levene                                                          

10:54 h. Indiana

Director European Office, Mr Jan Wiedermann

11:02h. Commonweath of Pennsylvania

Office Head Spain, Mr Jordi Reverté

11:10 h. Legal Perspective

Senior Partner, Mr Tom Thorelli

11:18 h. US Tax & Compliance

Associate Corporate Tax Director, US Tax and Financial Services (UXTAXFS), Ms Inna Ganz

11:26 h. Starting in the USA

CEO TABS, Mr Jacob Willemsen

11:34 h. Kentucky

European Representative Office, Mr Finn Weisse

11:44 h. Puerto Rico

Invest PR, Chief Business Development Officer, Mr Michael Gay

10:20 h. Q & A

12:30 h. Close

*webinar en inglés

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